The primary method used to control the risk from Legionella is water temperature control. 
Water services should be operated at temperatures that prevent Legionella growth:

  • Hot water storage cylinders (calorifiers) should store water at 60°C or higher
  • Hot water should be distributed at 50°C or higher (thermostatic mixer valves need to be fitted as close as possible to outlets, where a scald risk is identified).
  • Cold water should be stored and distributed below 20°C.

ACOP L8 and HSG 274 state that arrangements should be in place for the regular monitoring of the hot and cold water systems within your establishment and should be carried out by person(s) with the appropriate training and expertise.

CLIRA are able to offer a full water system monitoring service, conducted by our qualified technicians we are registered members of the Legionella Control Association for this service to guarantee your piece of mind.

Services include: Monthly temperature monitoring of sentinel; representative outlets and water heaters; showerhead clean and disinfecting; cold water storage tank inspections; water heater and calorifier inspecitons;Thermostative Mixing Valve servicing.

We have created our own bespoke electoric log book monitoring system runs which is accessible 24/7 and provides real time information and data allowing the for both CLIRA and you as our Customer to instantly view any non-compliance or areas of concern and if need be rectifying immediately. 

CLIRA are also trained in Legionella and Pseudomonas Water Sampling and carry out testing via a UKAS accredited laboratory. 


Electronic Data Loggers

CLIRA can provide data logging for sentinel outlets monitoring. By installing our data loggers we can produce monthly temperature reports and graphs, which exceeds requirements of snap shot monthly temperature monitoring.

Our small data loggers are electronic devices that attach to pipework, record data at preset intervals producing a clear and concise graph monthly. Data logging can also assist with checking a systems efficiency, with trend analysis.

Free your valuable resources and let us take care of your monitoring compliace responsibilities. 

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