Doctors, Dental Practices and Nursing Homes will almost certainly have patients visiting  and residents who fall into the ‘at risk’ categories for contracting Legionnaires’ Disease.

Not only the elderly are at risk of contracting Legionnaires’ Disease.

Anyone who has a weakened immune system, due to health problems or deliberate suppression, following organ transplantation, for example, is at high risk. 

All GP, Dental Practices and Nursing Homes both NHS and Private, must be registered with the Care Quality Commission by April 2011. Part of this includes adhering to requirements of HTM-04-01 and HTM-05-01; which requires you to have a full in date Legionella Risk Assessment.

Our specialist Water Hygiene Consultants hold over 35 years of experience and will carry out the risk assessment in accordance with HSG274 Legionnaires' Disease Part 2 and 3: The Control of Legionella Bacteria in hot and cold water systems and ACOP L8

Unlike many other Water Risk Assessment companies, CLIRA are an exception and will, where possible, enter every single room in a property instead of a percentage of each building.

Only by doing this are we ensuring that a full and comprehensive Risk Assessment is carried out.

At CLIRA we know that you still have a job to do and have patients to see, we are therefore completely flexible in carrying out the Risk Assessment, we can conduct this in lunch breaks, in between patients appointments or even out of hours to ensure that there is no disruption to normal surgery hours.

We also work closely with Barrier Nursing Staff and will always approach the Ward Manager Sister before commencing any works and adhere to any ward procedures in place and nursing best practice. 

CLIRA believe that discretion is of the upmost importance whilst working within Health Care Services which is why our customer feedback to date has been 100% satisfaction.

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