HSG274 Legionnaires' Disease Part 2 : The Control of Legionella Bacteria in hot and cold water systems and ACOP L8 recommends that all cold water storage tanks are visually inspected and subject to annual clean and disinfection.

CLIRA Ltd are able to offer one of the most Environmentally Friendly means of Tank Cleaning and chemical disinfections available today!

Described as the "designer biocide" for disinfecting all types of water systems including water storage tanks. CLIRA uses silver peroxide, which is a catalysed and extremely stable hydrogen peroxide.

What makes silver peroxide a superior disinfectant, is the fact that it is non-hazardous and has the ability to remove biofilm and sediment (which supports fast bacterial regrowth).

Chlorine Dioxide, the most widely used disinfectant in water treatment does not remove Biofilm and presents safety hazards, e.g. if there is a leak into the atmosphere, this results in the evacuation of buildings in some cases.

Silver Peroxide is the ideal water disinfectant as it has Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) Approval for potable water systems and imparts no taint, taste or smell to water.

Silver Peroxide  represents a cleaner, safer, more environmentally secure method for complete disinfection of water storage tanks.

CLIRA Ltd are able to offer a comprehensive tank cleaning service to comply with all the requirements as set out in HSG274 Part 2 and BS EN 8558.

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